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Paperback by Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9781447220084


Be Careful What You Wish For!

Ronni leads a really exciting life - she's an international pop superstar, and BeyoncĂ© is her best friend.  She's got everthing going for her...

Except she hasn't.

She's just boring old Ronni, who sometimes makes things up to make life more interesting.  She lives with her boring family in a crap town and her dad's away doing important scientific research...

Except he isn't.

Late for school, laughed at by (the seriously cool) Stuart Bolan and called a liar by Sadie Slowgrove, yesterday was just another boring day...

Except it wasn't.

Because yesterday, all Ronni's dreams came true and her world was turned DOWNSIDE UP.

To the left: A quick tutorial on how to read this book.  To the right:  Me, lovely Melvin Burgess and lovely Malorie Blackman demonstrating the fine art of reading upside down.

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