I was born in Ipswich ages ago and grew up by the sea in Felixstowe.  I had a lot of different jobs before I started writing books.  Amongst other things, I sold shoes, folded sweaters, pulled pints, cleaned tents, guided people through a Tunisian souk, did vague things in various offices, and taught  English in Brussels, London, Cardiff and Norwich.  But for now, I'm devoting myself exclusively to reading and writing.

My first novel for teens was Lottie Biggs is Not Mad.  This was awarded the White Raven Award for exceptional and innovative books for children by the International Youth Library in Munich.  Since then I've had lots more books published, been translated into more than fifteen languages, been shortlisted for a Costa book award - twice!!! - and been on the news - in a good way.

I live in Norwich with my husband. He prohibits the use of his photo or any other image representing his face on this page.  So a drawing of the back of his head is given on the right.  


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